Natural History Resources For Everyone

We have thousands of preserved plants, insects, and birds that are available to the public during our Open Lab hours of Wednesdays, from 1-5pm, and by appointment. In our lab, you will have access to our specimens for identification, comparison and art, as well as natural history literature, field guides, microscopes, and knowledgeable staff.


Our small herbarium (NHI) has nearly 9,000 plant specimens that are a comprehensive representation of what you will find in Yavapai County and neighboring regions. The bulk of our specimens are from the Yavapai College Herbarium that was transferred to the NHI in 2014.

You can search our herbarium anytime online through the Southwest herbarium portal SEINet. It is like Google for plants!

If you are interested in donating voucher specimens, collecting for the NHI Herbarium, or are requesting corrections or additions to specimen data on SEINet, please contact us.


The insect collection is a growing collection of species found in Yavapai County and surrounding areas. Our staff took several, small collections of insects, donated from throughout the Prescott College community, compiled their data and catalogued them neatly into cabinets donated by the University of Arizona. New specimens are being contributed by PC courses and local entomologists. We invite visiting entomologists to contribute to, view, and of course identify insects within this collection.


Under authorization of the US Fish and Wildlife Service for educational purposes, we have a collection of 194 bird study skins that were donated by Yavapai College in 2014. These specimens have been used in a variety of college courses, including Wildlife Managment, Ornithology, and Scientific Illustration. The public is invited to look at our bird collection during our open lab time on Wednesdays from 1-5pm.

Our federal permit allows for accessioning new specimens under a salvage agreement. Please contact us first if you are interested in contributing prepared birds that lack representation in our collection. The list of bird species available in our collection may be found below: 

NHI Bird Species List


The Natural History Institute welcomes researchers and students from all institutions to utilize and contribute to our collections, as well as collaborate on other natural history endeavors. For those located in the Prescott area, we can provide key card access to the lab. Please e-mail us with your detailed proposal.


Arrangements may be made to loan specimens to other institutional collections. Please contact us for more information. The Natural History Institute’s lab and biological collections are located at 310 Grove Ave, in Prescott, AZ on the Prescott College campus.