Speaker Series

Natural History Institute Speaker Series inspires, informs and engages local audiences with a wide range of topics.

The goal of the Speaker Series is to enrich local understanding and appreciation of the importance of natural history and to encourage exploration of our diverse world.  Most events are free to the public and presented in our beautiful historic building located at 126 N. Marina St. in downtown Prescott, Arizona.


  • January 11, Thursday, 7pm: 2018 NHI Speaker Series – Ladybugs and Big Data: Tracking Harmonia axyridis in Space and Time – Jordan Twombly Ellis, Insect Biology Major, Cornell University  



  • February 1, Thursday, 7pm: 2018 NHI Speaker Series – The Gulf of California: A Natural History Treasure – Lorayne Meltzer, Director of the Prescott College Kino Bay Center for Cultural and Ecological Studies  
  • February 15, Thursday, 7pm: 2018 NHI Speaker Series – Lighting the Fire: A Natural History of Story – Bob Ellis, Program Director, Natural History Institute  



  • March 2-4, Friday – Sunday: Art Workshop – Drawing from the Collections: The Art of Natural History Illustration – Julie Comnick, Faculty at Northern Arizona University School of Art
  • March 5, Monday, 7pm: 2018 NHI Speaker Series – Restoration Ecology: Goal Setting, Climate Change, and the Significance of History – Bill Throop, Professor of Philosophy and Environmental Studies at Green Mountain College
  • March 23 and 24, Friday – Saturday 6:30-10:00 pm – A durational performance installation, Intimacy With Disappearance – Ævium, a dance theater ensemble
  • March 29, Thursday, 7pm: 2018 NHI Speaker Series – The Mogollon Highlands: A Frontier of Field Ornithology – Felipe Guerrero, Education Director, Highlands Center for Natural History



  • April 19, Thursday, 7pm: 2018 NHI Speaker Series – Feathers and Beaks, Bars and Streaks: Form and Pattern in Birds – Mark Riegner, Environmental Studies and Sustainability Faculty, Prescott College



  • May 7, Monday, 7pm: 2018 NHI Speaker Series – Geology of the Grand Canyon: An Incision History – Lon Abbott, Senior Instructor, Geological Sciences, University of Colorado Boulder
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