Touchstone Tours

an opportunity for in-depth inquiry

Natural History Institute Touchstone Tours provide an opportunity for in-depth inquiry into the nature of heartrendingly beautiful landscapes—and our own natures.

Fall in love with the world

Natural History—the practice of intentional, focused attentiveness to the more-than-human world—is also the practice of falling in love with the world. Each multi-day trip is designed to not only enhance participants’ ecological understanding, but to help each participant feel a rejuvenated personal reconnection with the world. The Touchstone experience facilitates a deepened affinity with wildness, a revelation of awe, and a keen awareness of nature’s resilient beauty and power to heal.


We’re excited to announce our second Touchstone Tour— heading to a hotspot of marine and desert diversity—the islands and Sonoran Desert coastline of the Sea of Cortez.  NHI Executive Director Tom Fleischner will lead a small group exploration of this remarkable region May 14-20, 2018.  Details available here.

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