FiRst Snow in Hart Prairie




Adele Seronde

Oil on Canvas

41″ x 68″



I believe all great art is transformative in that it inspires the beholder and enriches the society in which it is created. Undoubtedly, great artists are themselves charged and quickened in the process of working. Dylan Thomas wrote: “I write for the love of man and in praise of God and I’d be a damn fool if I didn’t.”

I believe that the arts are a way of thanking all of our senses for being alive, of connecting with each other and with all of nature, of listening to our souls. I think of the arts as life skills essential to meeting the challenges of our age of transformation.

Art is color. It is dancing, my breathing in of wonder, of being in love with color, movement, energy. It is an outpouring of sometimes wild, unkempt brush strokes of oil paint, sometimes an occasional delicacy of line. When painting works for me, I am not thinking about it at all; I am just moving with the color, becoming the subject. I am the paint.

My mission is to wake people up to the beauty of our Earth, to fill them with curiosity to learn about the diverse and fascinating habits and customs of all living creatures and their habitats. It is about how to love — and to know how much we all need each other.

Unfortunately, much art today reflects too often the commercial, cynical, or sadistic qualities in contemporary society, making waves of visual or audio static. Therefore, we are challenged to find in new art the nucleus of spiritual awakening which can fire, astonish and transform us with wonder and the need to create.