grief is Love



Edie Dillon

Mixed media: Ponderosa bark, metal, mirrors.

36″ x 20″ x 8″  $750

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Pines and oaks of various species grow together in forest communities all over the world. In the mountains of the Southwest, Ponderosa pines and Gambel oaks seem particularly friendly. I love the way the oak branches, with their gleaming leaves, look like they embrace the pine trunks. We are learning more about the complex interrelationship and delicate communication between trees. A subtle and pervasive system of reciprocity may be as important as competition in the health of the forest.

Photographs by Christopher Marchetti

“I came to discover that grief is not sadness. Grief is love. Grief is a felt experience of love for something lost or that we are losing. That is an incredibly powerful doorway. I think we all carry that abiding ocean of love for the miracle of our world. And if, on a collective level, we could grieve together and rediscover that part of our collective psyche, then healing the symptoms of the disconnect in our feelings for the world could happen much faster than anyone could imagine.” —Chris Jordan