Journal of Natural History Education & Experience

About the Journal

The Journal of Natural History Education and Experience was published between 2007 and 2020, first by the Natural History Network and later by the Natural History Institute.  For this entire period, it was edited by Dr. Steve Trombulak of Middlebury College, aided by an outstanding Board of Editors. The mission of the journal was to help foster a renaissance in natural history education and appreciation by providing a forum for disseminating ideas on the place of natural history in society and tools for natural history education.  Throughout the journal’s fourteen year run, it provided a platform for a wide range of voices to share perspectives about why natural history matters and ways to nurture its practice.


Ultimately, however, the nature of professional journal publication made its continuation impossible. Thus, with the retirement of its editor, Steve Trombulak, the journal ceased publication in the Fall of 2020.


The importance of its mission remains, and those who share a commitment to enhancing people’s deep engagement with the natural world now have many more opportunities to do so — both as individuals and as a community of practitioners — than when the journal was launched.  Those of us who have been involved with the journal hope that people will continue to take those opportunities and further society’s re-engagement with the more-than-just-human world.


The Natural History Institute is proud to maintain this complete archive of the journal.  We hope that the ideas and suggestions presented in them will continue to offer inspiration to all who seek to participate in the future of this renaissance.



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