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The health of humans and nature are inextricably linked.
As we heal ourselves, we heal the earth – and vice versa.

Videos From the Reciprocal Healing Confluence

Videos – including this brief overview, opening and closing keynotes, by Robin Wall Kimmerer and Kathleen Dean Moore, respectively, and in-depth interviews with four of the speakers – follow. (These are also available on the NHI YouTube channel)

Convening Organization


Biophilia Foundation

Allied Organizations:

Center for Humans and Nature
Ecopsychology journal
Natura Institute for Ecology and Medicine
North Cascades Institute
Stanford University, Earth Systems Program

In November 2019, more than one hundred people, from over twenty states and three countries, gathered among the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona for a national confluence on Reciprocal Healing: Nature, Health, and Wild Vitality. This confluence brought together leaders and practitioners from three streams – medicine, psychology, and natural history – to explore the interrelationship between the health of humans and the health of nature.

Plenary presentations from inspiring speakers and panel discussions alternated with field workshops, while small group discussions generated ideas and planted seeds for fresh alliances and new community. Details on the schedule and speakers can be found in the Confluence Program.

Later in 2020, the academic journal Ecopsychology will publish a special issue inspired by the Confluence, and guest edited by Tom Fleischner and Laura Sewall.

We anticipate that this will become a biennial gathering. If you’d like to be kept abreast of developments, write to reciprocalhealing@naturalhistoryinstitute.org, and/or visit the Reciprocal Healing Facebook page.

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