Video Archive

Links to many of our past presentations

One of the primary ways the Natural History Institute reaches our community is by providing free community presentations from a variety of voices and disciplines. Here you will find recordings of many of our past guest talks.


November 17
New Perspectives on Central Arizona Landscapes
Presented by Matt Turner

November 3
Engineering Eden
Presented by Jordan Fisher Smith

October 4
Going Outdoors: Re-wilding a Psychotherapist
Presented by Pablo Deustua Jochamowitz

April 21
Women and Birds: Birding for Science, Sisterhood, and Fun
Presented by Karen O’Neil & Nancy Silacci

March 31
Natural History of Sound
Presented by John Hopkins

March 1
Braiding Sweetgrass
Presented by Robin Wall Kimmerer


November 19
Plant Parenthood: Do Violets Have Blue Genes?
Presented by Walt Anderson

November 3
Pines, Herbivory, and Climate Responses in Mediterranean Forests of Southern Spain
Presented by Asier Herrero Méndez

October 26
The Hour of Land
Presented by Terry Tempest Williams
No footage available

March 19
Pollination Station
The science behind creating and conserving pollinator habitat.
Presented by Lisa Zander

March 3
Campus Conversations
With Dana Oswald and Nina Perlmutter


December 4
Wildlife Wonders of Maasailand
Presented by Walt Anderson

November 19
Campus Conversations
With David Craig and Dan Campbell

November 13
From so Simple a Beginning
Presented by John Anderson

April 16
Campus Conversations
With Grace Burford and Tom Fleischner

March 27
Animals and The Human Spirit
Presented by Allison Hawthorne Deming

March 19
Campus Conversations
With Lisa Floyd-Hanna and Julie Comnick

March 5
Make Way for Monarchs
Presented by Gary Paul Nabhan
YouTube video by Allison Jack

February 22
The Cottonwood Calendar
Presented by Joel Barnes


November 21
Little Bugs, Big Tundra: Arctic Insects in a Warming World
Presented by Terry Wheeler

November 10
A Naturalists Way of Seeing
Presented by Walt Anderson

April 11
The Natural History of Yunnan Province: China’s Biodiversity Hotspot
Presented by Ed Grumbine

April 4
Preserving the Verde River
Presented by Dan Campbell