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Walking on Uneven Ground

Contributed By: Louise Grunewald

I am a visual artist (painter, calligrapher, printmaker, book artist) living in Durango Colorado. The inspiration for my art comes largely from time spent in the natural world.




Photo Credit: Louise Grunewald

I am writing, hand lettering, and illustrating a book based on my experiences so far with the current pandemic. The photos I have included are of the first three pages of the book.

This is the text for those pages:


As I walk in this wild place I am made aware of the pure blessing of every step from a sure-footed body. I listen to the geese overhead and hear their sound and, though the flora all around me is still winter-brown, I am reminded of spring.

I hear the birds. I see the plants. I feel the cool breeze, and can only feel grateful to breathe fresh air. Our world is in danger: this planet and all living beings.

To hear the natural world, free of city sounds, to look up to a bright blue western sky……these are treasures always noted but appreciated even more in such troubled times. In this moment they are, and must be, enough.


Ed. note: Louise is one of the artists slated to exhibit in the NHI Art Gallery in the upcoming months.


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